Posted by: blinklove | April 1, 2010

Snapshots From the Road: A glimpse of the Blink Life

Blink Mobile

Heather and Stephen are well on their way across the country and have surpassed the half way point! They are through Texas and headed towards sunny California! Here are a few snapshots from their animal inspired adventures thus far!

If you are feeling particularly inspired by all of the animal love that Heather and Stephen are finding, head to your local animal shelter or humane society and sign up to volunteer, adopt, or foster one of their wonderful creatures! Don’t forget to tell us al about it though! Leave us a comment below about your animal experiences!

If you are really jonesing for a pet, check out and find out who is waiting join your home!

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Heather: Big Time Interviewer

Animal Graffiti

Stephen: Cat Tamer

Stephen: Dog LoverTiny, Tiny Kittens

Sneaky Cat

Town Lake Animal Center: Austin, TX



  1. Albuquerque here you come!!! Great job guys, I love the pictures, and had no idea you could really train a cat.

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