Posted by: blinklove | April 4, 2010

Humane Society of Dallas County

We loved this Humane Society. Cynthia explains that this humane society is unique because there are over 200 cats and all the healthy ones are free of cages. She says that many of them will stay there for the remainder of their life, so the staff does their best to make it as much as a home for them as possible. We think they are doing a great job.
The dog keeper is extremely creative and compassionate. He set up a misting machine and fans to keep the dogs cool and happy during the summer. He told us that sometimes he takes thing like orange peels to the dogs cages for them to smell. He says, “If they smell an orange peel it might remind them of someone they knew who had an orange. They start thinking about that for a while and it takes their mind off of being in here”. We loved listening to all these wonderful things these hard working animal lovers do for the homeless. =)

P.S. – Our apologies for the volume of the music. We are new to making videos, and they will continue to get better!!!


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