Posted by: blinklove | April 8, 2010

We LOVED this humane society!

Animal Humane of New Mexico can really teach us a lot about how to give a homeless pet a better life while he or she awaits a loving adopter. The cats are able to move freely in large rooms that connect to outdoor patios where they can pass the time sunbathing and bird watching. They are grouped in rooms based on their personalities and most of the cats have the pleasure of socializing with their friends whenever they feel so inclined.

The dogs are in a beautiful space with high ceilings and large windows for lots of natural light. A bed of live plants divides the two rows of K9’s adding a taste of outdoor life while also blocking the view of other dogs to keep stress levels low. Listening carefully, we heard the subtle hum of classical music that helps to keep the dogs in a peaceful state-of-mind. Plus, when the weather allows it, the dogs get to go out to the play pens with their friends (fellow shelter guests with whom they play well with).

Everywhere you look here you see a personal touch or a clever addition. The spaces are clean, the volunteers and staff are happy, and the attention to detail is not only a sign of professionalism, but also of compassion. They even run a thrift store that generates significant revenue for further investment in the well-being of these wonderfully sweet and deserving animals!



  1. This is your best video yet! What an awesome place. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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