Posted by: blinklove | April 18, 2010

Tommorrow, Tomorrow, San Diego, Tomorrow!

*What are you most thrilled about?

1. Knowing everything I need to survuve will be  on my back.  That is a state of freedom which I long for and greatly appreciate.

I can go anywhere, at anytime, for any reason!

2. Being with Stephen and everything else wonderful in the wild for six months.

3. Trail Angels and magic =)

*What will you miss?

1. My ma. My pa.

2.Chatterbox and Applesaucers.

3. KOBE- What’s a hike without kobe?

4. Piano. Vel Indica.


6. A warm and dry bed, showering. Comfort in general.

7. Buckles, Heros, Seagrass, Unicorns and Alligators.

*What are you afraid of?

1. Breaking something!! The trail is 90% mental, 10% physical.

You guys back home are giving me unbelievable support and love.

With that and the determination to help animals my mind is strong.

But if I happen to break my leg, that’s it! (no pressure…)

2. Planters Fasciitis- no good, no good…. Infected blisters.

3. A snake or scorpion crawling into my sleeping bag.

4. An earthquake that creates an avalanche and swallows me whole.

5. Getting lost in the desert and suffering from extreme dehydration and sun poisoning.

6. A grizzly bear, pack of coyotes, or cougar with RABIES.

What restaurants will you be craving?

1. Pauls.

2. The Carving Board.

3. XIA.

4. Houstons.

5. Ichiban.

6. Downtown Thai.

*What do you have left to do before you leave?

Too much, gotta go!


stay blinked!



  1. My wonderful Dearstead and Stephon…I miss you terribly but am so happy and so proud to know people as incredible as you two. Shine brightly you cosmic lovelies. There is a certain cowgirl up above looking down smiling and laughing and swirling around so happy about who you are and what that means for everyone else.


  2. Be safe! Good luck! I miss you! We all miss you! Don’t forget to come back! You are my hero!


    Love you!

  3. Be safe my friends!!!!!! I will be tracking you guys along with your parents, friends, and all of those you have toughed along the way.


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