Posted by: blinklove | April 22, 2010

Hiking Day 2: Snowy So-Cal

The Blinkers have called in with an update of their current location and status… and it doesn’t look good.

Our hikers began their quest yesterday at the Mexica-American border with border patrol and an unwelcoming fence at their backs. Along with 11 other hikers, (and one dog… already with a hurt leg), Heather and Stephen thought that by starting at the southern border of the country and working their way north to Canada from April to September, they would be able to avoid most of the snowfall on the trail.

So far, that plan has been a bust.

Heather and Stephen “planned on starting out easy and just getting used to the trail life, but accidently hiked 20 miles on the first day.” That initial 20 miles of trekking places our do-good hikers in Lake Morena, California, part of San Diego county. When they arrived there on Tuesday, there was a hiker bash just getting started and Heather and Stephen were treated to a hot meal, straight off the grill on their first night in the woods.

End good news here.

As Heather and Stephen go on, their elevation will only rise. Currently, they are at 3,000 ft above sea level, but if they go much further, they will sky rocket to 6,000 ft in no time. This would normally not be a problem, just par for the course. And, they are in the desert after all, so how cold could it really be?

Answer: Cold. Cold and wet….Cold and wet enough to snow…a lot. In fact, the authorities have deemed any further progress by hikers or drivers unprepared for the extreme weather to be deadly.

Being that our cold, soggy hikers still have their wits about them, they and the other 11 people that started the trail at the same time are now on stall in Lake Moreno, CA. They are stuck and don’t know how long they will be there, but they are at a campground in the county park there. Initially, the ranger service at the campground was not going to allow any of the hikers to use the open shelter or the bathrooms, but have now changed their minds and are willing to allow the hikers to go in in the day time, but not sleep in any of their structures.

Thus, are hikers are now huddled together in a men’s restroom in a cold desert park, sharing body heat and a few swigs of vodka with their new found friends… trying to stay warm, likely telling a few stories, and psyching up for what will undoubtedly be a miserable, exposed night’s sleep, with just their tents and sleeping bags to save them from the constant chattering of teeth that these North Carolina natives were hoping to avoid.

Heather, being the optimist that she is, assures us all that there is good news though: they have plenty of food and water. Being that this is only day 2, its not a surprise that they are still well stocked, but they won’t e able to live this way forever. If things get much worse, they may need to jump off of the trail for a while and allow the weather to calm down since they are not carrying snow gear. But, as optimistic as Heather and Stephen are… they are just as stubborn.

Time shall tell what perils mother nature has in store for our dynamic duo. Stay tuned for more updates and post your well wishes below for Heather and Stephen!

If you would like more information on the area that the hikers are stalled in right now, check out the Southern California description of the Pacific Crest Trial on their website.

As always, remember that our hikers are putting them selves in harms way for a cause. When times get tough on the trail, they keep going because they know that the money that they raise will go directly towards improving the lives of countless people and animals. Read about it here, donate here.



  1. Since hiking the AT more years ago than either of you are old, I also wanted to hike the PC but work life sucked me in. I am enjoying this vicariously. Hang tough. As I recall, the hard times are followed by incredibly beutiful moments.

  2. God bless you for your love of animals! That’s all it’s about!

  3. Oh Heather and Stephen!
    We are thinking of you, and hoping you’re okay.
    Sending gratitude, warmth, love, and lots of good vibes.

  4. I too enjoyed The video of the Los Angeles Mission. It was great to see the wonderful work being done.

    Listen to what Ricardo says….. “Plant every foot firmly before taking the next step”

    I hope you BLINKER’S know that you have touched a lot of people lives in the last month (and years). What an eye opening experience your videos have been


  5. Heather and Stephen.

    You’re awesome! What a great thing you are doing.

    I thank you for your help at the Los Angeles Mission. It was great visiting with you. The video is great – my family loved it and it’s the talk of administrators here. My family, friends, and I will be keeping updated on your progress.

    Plant every foot firmly before taking the next step…be careful.

    I love you guys – may God bless you, and keep you and your friends in the palm of his hand.


  6. Heather and Stephen, you guys are awesome! An inspiration to us all. Be safe, we’re all rooting for you here at home.

  7. Sending “WARM DRY” vibes your way.

    BE SAFE!!!! Need to make sure you are back for your appreciation home coming party!!!!

  8. Hi Heather and Stephen,
    BRRR, it sounds cold where you are. Hang in there, as spring is just around the corner. Donations for Blinklove continue to come into the Foundation, and we’re all keeping you close in thought. Thank you for your sacrifice for the animals. You both are very inspiring.


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