Posted by: blinklove | April 23, 2010

Hiking Day 3: Stall, Stall, Stall

Our hikers are safe and sound today… but bored, bored, bored.

They were unable to hike due to the inclement weather, so rather than spend another day huddling in the bathroom at the campground sharing body heat with their very new freinds, Heather and Stephen found a ride into town and took a moment to update us in their own words:

“We were not able to hike today =(  but the weather is looking good for tomorrow! We had majjjjjjjor tent fever and a friend of a hiker drove us into town to use the computers and be inside for a few hours.  We head back to the tent soon, but the enviornment will be much more exciting because the skies are predicted to clear up this afternoon and the kick off starts tonight!

“Heather’s Status- Seven blisters and stinky.”

“Stephen’s Status – Antsy and stinkier.”

“And we couldn’t be more excited!!!!!!! We keep looking up dangerous wildlife on the PCT, because we love the feeling of those hairs riasing on the back of our necks =)”

So, there you have it! We are able to read Heather’s own words today, but this is a rare occurrence. While hiking on the trail Heather and Stephen will not have any access to the internet. But, on their road-trip across the country, they did purchase a Blackberry phone that they keep turned off, (stored with the battery removed to preserve the battery life… hopefully in a waterproof bag), which they only turn on to call out in case of emergency and to provide us with really quick updates on their status when the winds blow favorably and they can pick up a cell phone signal, (not surprisingly, the woods are not well equipped for the cell phone user in us all…thankfully)!

Hopefully, our hikers will be able to walk on soon, but if you look at the radar image of Southern California above, you will notice that in Heather’s words, there is “another big freak storm” on its way into the area, so we will all have to think happy thoughts and hope that it’s not as bad as the last storm and that our hikers stay safe and able to stave off tent fever!

Heather and Stephen do have the “Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off” to keep them entertained though, taking place in Lake Moreno County Park, (the Blinker’s current chilly home away from home), from April 22-25.

According to the official kick off web site, “The primary focus of the gathering is to help shed those butterflies that inevitably precede a life-altering experience like hiking the PCT by showing you the broad spectrum of strategies that have been successful in the past and those of your fellow 2010 PCTers. Additionally, it provides a low-key gathering in which you can begin the friendships that inevitably evolve from such a journey. Dinner will be served to all on Friday and Saturday evenings, and breakfast nosh is available on Saturday and Sunday mornings.”

“Other events include:

  • Annual Great Pacific Long Distance Hiking Gadget and Invention Revue–known more commonly as the Gear Contest
  • Video and slide presentations by previous PCT hikers
  • Informational presentations about water caches, snow conditions, trail detours, and other things you’ll need to know if you expect to make it to Monument 78
  • Trail maintenance
  • Auction of lightweight gear and cool collectibles”

Thus, we can rest easy for the time being, knowing that our hikers are safe and happy with other like-minded, (and cold), hikers today, but stayed tuned to find out what happens next when our hikers are set free from their tent cages and able once again to do what they do best: walk on.

Don’t forget that you can be a part of the amazing story that is unfolding. Visit to read more about Blink’s Hike 2010 and donate to the cause.



  1. Yes, the kickoff sounds like fun, and is reassuring because you realize they are not alone right now in this terrible weather.

    and as for the map – of course I placed the first pin on mine late Tuesday night when I got a short text message from Stephen and Heather giving me their distance hiked and location at Lake Morena. Imagine my shock on Wednesday night when I got the text that they were snowed in – and cold – stuck in Lake Morena and unable to hike. Of course my pin hasn’t moved yet! Hopefully that is about to change.

  2. So good to hear about the “Annual Day Zero Pacific Crest Trail Kick Off”. Sounds like this is just what they need…great food, great people to really get them started.
    Maybe the map of the PCT I ordered will get here before they get too far up the trail 😦

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