Posted by: blinklove | April 25, 2010

Hiking Day 4: Snow, Mud, Desert… and Oreos

Our courageous and slightly zany hikers called in today in a mood nothing short of a daze.

Apparently they have truly contracted tent fever, for today, Heather and Stephen convinced a friendly face to drive them to the trail head at Mount Laguna, (for reasons yet unknown…hopefully there was something at least tasty to eat there), then hiked back to their camp at Lake Moreno, where the Paciic Crest Trail kickoff extravaganza is still taking place.

It has yet to be decided if the Blink Team knew how far they would be walking back to their base camp, or the conditions that they would find along the way, but the hike added 22 miles to their now weary bodies.

To get a mild sense of the way that Heather and Stephen felt upon retiring to their tents, go outside and walk for 22 miles with at least 15 pounds of gear strapped to your back, (which is light for our hikers, who carry upwards of 30 pounds of living supplies out on the trail). Of course, walking 22 miles on flat land is adventurous for most of us, but add in elevation changes and all of the sudden you are putting a pretty intense strain on your body. Then, add in some interesting weather, such as the desert, snow, and mud that Heather and Stephen encountered on their trek today. Your body is probably feeling a little woozy just contemplating this by now…

But, don’t shower when you get home… that would be cheating. The Blink Team is currently without shower access and simply have to live with the smells that come with the trail.

With that in mind, hopefully you can begin to understand the dirty,  exhausted state that our hikers called in with today.

Upon arriving back at their camp site, after misjudging the length of their hike by six miles, (and apparently the last six were mighty gruesome), crossing over cougar tracks, and howling with distant coyotes, Heather and Stephen were greeted with the disappointing news that they had missed the big kickoff feast.

Deflated and exhausted, the Blink Team retired early to their tent, unable to think straight after their wanderings. They then dove into a “nutritious,” anti-climactic dinner consisting of Oreos and potato chips, all of the while, able to hear the other hikers partaking in fun activities from  But, not even the riotous howls of their new friends were enough to rouse them from their  inside the thin walls of their tiny tent palace.

Unfortunately, there was an underlying theme to Heather and Stephen’ s update today: “We hurt.”

They are unsure of what tomorrow may hold for them or if their bodies will allow them to budge from their sleeping bags, but one thing is for sure… they are still no further on the trail than they were yesterday. They are still stuck in Lake Moreno due to the snow, but hoping that the weather lets them move forward soon.

Hopefully though, these two excited hikers will use the weather as an excuse to get some rest tomorrow… because they have 5 more months and over 2,000 more miles to walk into Canada, and a healthy body is a main requirement for their success.

One thought always manages to keep these two wonderful hikers moving forward though: “It’s all for the animals.” They know that if they stop walking,  animals will suffer from the funds that they won’t be raising by giving up and they will let you and all of their supporters down.

Be a part of their motivation and donate to the Blink Love fund, which will be donated in full to three very deserving animal rescue groups after the hike is completed. Visit this link to learn more and click here to make a secured donation on-line. Thank you in advance for your support. We couldn’t do this without you! All of your donations are fully tax-deductible.



  1. Hey Stinky’s, I finally got my map of the Pacific Crest Trail so I can keep up with you. Now I need to know where you are 😦

    Hope your bodies are adjusting and the blisters are healing…

    MISS YOU!!!!

  2. good grief you guys are hardcore! dearstead i bet you really do smell like crackers and garbage now. saw your momma today…she looked beautiful and smelled good too. i’m keeping one of the kittens. her name is charlotte and she’s so gorgeous. dont know when you will get this but i hope you smile when you do. miss you. love you.

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