Posted by: blinklove | April 27, 2010

Hiking Day 6: Worn Out Bodies, Peeling Feet

No one said that this hike would be easy. In fact, it’s rather hard.

We hadn’t heard from our desert dwelling hikers in a few days, but finally, we got a text message and a garbled voice mail to let us know that they are safe, but feeling rather broken at the moment… and just to prove it, they sent us some disgusting pictures of their poor worn out bodies.

They are currently about 20 miles from Warner Springs, which is great because they are:

a) almost out of food

b) almost out of water

c) experiencing some horrible foot problems and just plain worn out

d) on a decent from 6,000 ft. at Mt. Laguna down to 3,000 ft in Warner Springs

e) going to be able to use the internet to give us a more detailed update in Warner Springs

Also in the good news department, Heather and Stephen report that amidst the cacti, they have seen an array of wildlife, from snakes to scorpions… which has not deterred them from sleeping under the stars in the desert the past to evenings. True troopers.

And so, the adventure goes on… more updates to follow as soon as our hikers are back in radio contact! Feel free to leave a comment to encourage our wary duo as they should hopefully be able to check the blog tomorrow. Undoubtedly, they will need some positive energy, just judging by the sight of their feet!

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  1. OK, so now I’m ready to catch the next flight out there and take care of you both! It’s hard to know you are hurting 😦

    Got your postcards, and the package. Thanks for the PCT bandana!!! I love it. I guess now I really WILL have to come out and hike a few miles with you. Notice I said a FEW miles………………

  2. Heather and Stephen,

    I hiked about 1,000 miles of the PCT in 1992 and have similar pictures of my feet. I have one where I lost all my toe nails and have the same large blisters on my heels.

    I know it’s painful but in time your feet will adjust. The treasures you’ll experience, the friends meet and the memories you’ll make will all be worth it in the end. It’s not the things you do that you regret, it’s the things you don’t do so carry on!! The mountains will tell you when it’s time to leave.

    I wish you well in your travels.-Bill

  3. This brings the saying “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” to an all new level.

    It hurts to see your beautiful feet looking like this, but I am sure it hurts you guys worse.

    Hang in there, and know there are a lot of people pulling for you both. I wish I had some magical fairy dust to sprinkle on your feet.

  4. Heather and Stephen! Please know that we are thinking of you, love you, and hope that you’re all right. Surely things will get better soon…?!

    Sending good vibes,

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