Posted by: blinklove | May 3, 2010

I call it a pride issue (my father might call it stupidity)

Hello!!!! First of all, I want you guys to know that we have desperately been trying to upload pictures for you, and are finally able to! Hooray! I am uploading as we speak, hope it works!

A few questions have been rolling in such as, “Are your feet better? Why are your blisters so bad?” Why did you not prevent them? When will you start hiking again?” So! I would like to tell you.

My feet are getting much better each day which I am quite happy about.  A  few of the blisters are infected, but I am on antibiotics and the infection should be clearing up.  How can you tell if a blister is infected you might ask? A blister is infected if the fluid coming out of it is not clear and has an odor.  The blister will become increasingly more painful each day instead of healing.  In my experience, it will be outlined with red, and then the red irritation will begin to spread away and up from the blister.

How did mine get so bad, and why was I not able to prevent them?  Well, I was told my feet would swell out here, but I had no idea they would be replaced by that of an ogre.  I bought the same pair of shoes that I finished in on the AT, seeing as they were the best pair of hiking shoes I had ever worn.  By the time we were on our way to Warner Springs, my shoes had become incredibly too small for my sausage feet.  I already had some blisters from the first couple of  days, but I was expecting these as most every hiker does.  I was not prepared for my foot size to change so dramatically, and when it did, I was left with two pairs of shoes that felt like cages cramping onto my blistered feet.  I taped the blisters, but because they were completely suffocated and pressured, they were growing quite a bit. They became so large that they were sticking out of the bandages that had completely covered them and some just miles before.

I did not really feel like walking, but I kept telling myself that this was the trial period.  I told myself that if I got through this very tough first leg, I could make it through anything.  What else do you tell yourself when you must keep moving forward? Food and water was not going to come find me sitting in the desert, food and water was at Warner Springs.  However, once we came to a road crossing with 32 miles left to Warner, I sat down and thought about my situation for a while.  Not only did the blisters pierce my inner being with every step, but the cages on my feet felt like they were crunching my bones more every time they hit the ground.  I told Stephen I could not imagine walking the distance between us and Warner- we had to get a ride in.  He said alright and we sat there a bit longer.

I had decided there was no way I would make it to Warner sane in the shoes I had, but wait! Stephen had an extra pair of shoes.  Sure they might be 4 sizes too big, but nothing ever sounded better than “too big” at that moment.  I asked to borrow his Vibram Five Fingers (shoes that look like feet) for a minute.  I took a few steps and they felt like clouds.  I got some water, threw on my pack, and said, “Let’s go for it”.  We knew we would be taking a few days or more off at Warner to recover, but if we could just get there I thought we would feel so much better about the zero days.  Feel like we really deserved them.

So we carried on.  The new shoes gave me a new energy.  I had really been falling apart inside.  I was constantly doing everything I could to fight off tears through the day.  Suddenly I felt alive and hopeful, genuinely positive.  This lasted for the next 27 miles.  The last five into Warner were a huge struggle, but we made it!

So now I have been doing Epsom salt baths every day, taking medicine, and walking less!

I want you guys to know just how important this hike is to me.  It is important enough that I will do absolutely everything I can to reach Canada.  I even imagine how I would go about making it if for some reason if I had to have a limb removed due to its intoxication of venom,  broke an ankle while falling out of the tree I climbed to avoid being eaten by a bear with rabies, or went blind due to a confused infected tick that latched onto my iris.  It is important enough to me that I will take good care of my body, and give myself full-time to recover despite how antsy we get.  We love this trail, and we want to get back out there!

We went to REI today and I tried on some pairs of 11 size shoes. ELEVEN! The shoes that fit perfectly and I came out here in are 9.5 mind you.  Crazy! Stephen has been so wonderful, as he always is, and is helping me get better.  I just overheard him telling his parents that he will not let me back on until I’m ready. =) Love him more every day. I even ALMOST kind of sorta snapped at him twice when I was really hurting over those days and guess what he said!  “It’s okay, I know where your head is”. ‘Nough said.

Thank you thank you thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to everyone for all of your support.  I hope this blog has helped you understand better the situation and answered your questions.  No more foot stuff, let’s let the rest of the fun begin!!!



  1. Blink, I love your updates – and of course the phone calls! Your FaceBook picture album of the first 100 miles is great. Hope you’ve both had a good day today, with lots of rest and fun. Be safe. Call again soon 🙂

  2. Great to talk to Stepehn and hear Heather in the background- and we know you’ll be back on the trail soon- and how frustrating this down time is- but it is exactly what you need to be doing now.
    Wow! Size 11’s now. But, at least you figured it out.

  3. hi it was great for you guys to come by with monty over the weekend the piano never sounded so beautiful if you guys ever need a place to hang out come on by , mike 562 8897670

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