Posted by: blinklove | May 14, 2010

Snow, Snow Snow!

Wow…What an adventure. 

First we want to tell you about some trail angels who brightened our day in such a beautifully delicious way.  We were heading up trail from a road crossing when a van pulled into the sand and yelled to us, “Are you hikers? Of course you are, hold on!” We dropped our packs and waited. A man walked up to us carrying a huge bottle of fresh fruit and vegetable juice from his farm- wow!!  We were so thrilled and I told him how I am constantly dreaming of artichokes, avocados and fruit while hiking. He asked us to wait another minute while he ran to his van and returned with three avocados. And this is why we call them trail angels =) 
They actually seemed as excited to see us as we were to see them.  They explained how they drive past the trail on highway  74 and always look for thru-hikers but had yet to see any until us. 

 Yesterday was a bit more up and down then we are used to, but it felt good knowing that we are getting stronger. We were curious to reach the ice and snow we had been hearing about.  Finally we found some! Our first crossing was pretty difficult.  There were five people ahead of us crossing with an ice axe and teamwork.  We managed to capture a little video of them before crossing ourselves.  The difficulty here is that you have to make you own steps across a steep hill, and if you slip-that’s it. You are falling and you are falling far. 

We ended crossing a few more patches similar to this one before finding a place to sleep.  We cowboy camped on top of a mountain between some rocks which was beautiful and cold.  We woke up and got an earlier start than usual, which was good because we spent the majority of the day searching for the trail.  The patches of exciting snow we saw yesterday became all we saw today.  Snow, snow, and more snow.  Quite a few places that really good our blood pumping.  We would find the trail and suddenly it would disappear.  We would backtrack and find footprints there the trail vanished.  We would follow the footprints and they would wander in different directions until even they eventually disappeared. We walked this way and that, searching up a mountain and back down it, guessing which way we should go.  Finding our way, losing our way for hours and hours.  We may have gone about 5 miles in around 5-6 hours. While searching for the trail the last time today, we bumped into four guys.  They had all met on the trail and all had a very similar day to ours.  Just about a half mile later we found where the PCT met a side trail called Devil’s slide.  Devil’s Slide is a 4 mile trail that leads to the wonderfully hiker friendly town Idyllwild.  They had already been planning on going in.  We had eaten every bar we had except two, so we decided to go in also.  We hiked the 4 miles downhill, and the additional 2.5 miles into town (We passed a Humane Society!).  Now we are writing and uploading from a delightful coffee shop called Higher Grounds.  We plan to head back into the snow tomorrow, but for now its food shower food bed and more food.

More to come, and thanks for keeping up with us!

heather~ Dreamer



  1. Great to see you’re having a great time and that you are hiking areas of the San Jacinto Mountains I’ve hiked myself. I know you’ll bless every hiker’s path you cross.

    God bless you!

  2. I am still just blown away by your experience and how dedicated you two are to take this on. It makes it very meaningful to be able to keep up with your progress!

  3. And speaking of food…would love to know, in your experience, what is the best food to take on a long backpacking trip? I too am a herbivore and always looking for good ideas for my pack. What’s working for you, what isn’t? Also, what stove do you have?

  4. The video is terrific! It makes me even more appreciative of what you’re doing. I would love to see more!! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Great to hear from you both! The part about sliding and falling and “that’s it” was a bit disconcerting, but glad you’re safe. So, I’ve marked the push-pin to Idyllwild on the PCT map.
    The veggies and fruit are so much sweeter when you’ve been eating trail food for a while. A small feeling of how simple things mean so much, especially to the poor. Love you both!

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