Posted by: blinklove | May 24, 2010

P.S. – Tigers on the PCT!?

…So, after such an unusual occurrence there were many thoughts. One of the foremost was “I’m glad we came through here in the daylight.”

To walk up on a grizzly scratching his back on an ancient cedar or to hear the far off cry of a hungry mountain lion: these are things to cherish, fear, and more or less to expect in the great wilderness of western America.

But to turn the corner on the PCT and be greeted by three full-grown Bengal tigers…? This was a far more surprising twist-of-fate. More so, there were two grizzlies (one had to be 12 feet tall, 1000 lbs.) and three lions, mane and all, in the same place and all of them had seen us coming and were looking right at us.

We weren’t caught in the stampede from a zoo escape or saying our blessings and taking the biggest hit of hard luck ever. It turned out we had come upon an animal training facility that was housing quite the collection of otherwise very wild and scary predators in small chain link boxes where they were tamed and taught to be ‘actors’ in many Hollywood box offices hits. Here’s what we saw…


…Give Hope…

100% of Donations go directly to animal rescue.



  1. I sent this link to “The World Society for The Protection Of Animals” and to the “International Fund For Animal Welfare”!!!


  2. Somehow those caged animals make me so so sad. You are seeing many things most of us will never see. You’ll have to give us all a major debriefing when you get back. We have much to learn from you both.

  3. Wow, what an awesome sight! Thanks for the pics and for sharing your journey. I think of you two often and it’s so neat to find an update in my e-mailbox. Take care!

  4. Snow in the desert, tigers on the trail…I’m sure this is just the beginning of all kinds of surprises and wonders on your journey. Thanks for keeping all of us in your circle!

  5. Oh that tiger is so gorgeous and the bear’s so scary – good photos! I love the way you describe your discovery! I am also glad it was daytime… xoxoxo

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