Posted by: blinklove | May 28, 2010

Who wants to wear Blink Love?

Hello everyone! Last time we wrote was from Big Bear, and the next day it snowed and snowed! We did a 23 mile day, followed by 11, followed by two 22 mile days. We were pretty worn out, but happy.  My wonderful cousin who lives near the PCT picked us up at a road crossing. We are staying with him for a couple days and then he is joing us on the trail for over 100 miles.  His name is Peyton. He and his beautiful wife Amy housed our last days before starting the hike down at the border.  They have held packages for us along the way and even sent me a bigger pair of shoes hoping they’d fit!  We are thrilled to be back here and are very excited about sharing some of our hike with Peyton.

You guys have asked what we eat out here.  We are both vegetarian and start our morning off with a protein bar or two. After about 5-8 miles of hiking we settle down to cook some lunch (our only hot meal of the day).  Lunch normally consists of a couple bags of Lipton side, so noodles or rice.  One time we made a complete vegan meal out in the woods and it was delicious. We had whole wheat tortillas, vegan cheddar cheese, and spicy bean dip. We cooked them in our pot with our pocket rocket stove and had quesadillas! Mmmmmm.  We are thinking about having spanish rice and avocado wraps soon =)  For the rest of the day we eat protein bars.  Many of them…I have also started making trail mix, but not your typical trail mix. Mine consist of pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, candy, cookies, twizzlers, dried mangos…good stuff. We would love to answer more questions, so please send them to Thanks!

Check out our store!! We have made a number of items through Zazzle. It works like this:

We set up an account and have designed serverl articles of clothing, stickers, stamps… Nothing is actually created until someone orders it.  It is a good idea for BlinkLove, because we will not lose any money.  The only drawback is the stuff is kind of pricey.  To keep the prices as low as possible, we have taken the minimum percentage possible for each product which is 10% (it will not let us go lower than 10%). So if you buy something it is more for fun and to get the word out, but 10% of each product will go towards helping animals.  We want as many people to know about this fundraiser as possible, so buy and wear and talk talk talk! We hope they might make good gifts for people =)

GOOD NEWS! Zazzle is having a sale this weekend with up to 50%off some items, now is the time to shop!

You can check out the merch through this link:  BlinkLove



  1. Dried mangoes, huh? I love how those smell…I mean taste.

  2. Tigers on the PCT. There are alligators in the sewers of NYC! Its unfair you look that beautiful in grueling conditions!! Yes, shopping! I will have blink bling on my body. xoxo

  3. How exciting that your cousin will be hiking with you! And all the products look GREAT. I may have to do some shopping 🙂 Can’t wait to talk to the two of you, and hear more about the last few days. Happy weekend. Love you both.

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