Posted by: blinklove | June 5, 2010

We picked up the trail back at Silverwood Lake, now with my cousin Peyton along for the walk. It was about 4:00 p.m. when we started so we did about 12 miles, some in the dark, and called it a day. The next day we covered about 20, enjoying tunnels and trains on a beautiful and light terrain. We came across four snakes! One was a rattlesnake, but we didn’t seem to startle him too much, so he wasn’t rattling fiercely like the last one. His calm demeanor also gave us a chance to catch a video that you can find on our youtube channel soon.

Unfortunately, portions of the PCT through this section are closed due to fire damage.  We took a 15 mile detour, quite a bit of it on a long hot barren road.  We found out however, that coming up within the next couple days would be another 40 mile road detour.  Since Peyton was just out with us for 5 days, he really didn’t want to spend two 20 mile days on a highway dodging cars.  So he constructed an alternate route for us on other trails, that would eventually lead back to his house in Altadena.

But wait! Before we could begin that detour from Windy Gap to Altadena we had a bit of a climb to make. Mount Baden-Powell was looking down at us, towering 9,339 feet and we had heard word of snow at the top. Ah, snow! We knew how this might turn out.

We moved fairly quickly up the 4 mile climb but just below 8,000 feet patches of snow started showing up on the trail. Then, as has happened before, poof! The trail disappeared under feet and feet of snow pack. Luckily we had learned from our last adventure in the snow that we just had to keep climbing up and up and up. We ended up finishing the last 1,400 feet in an extremely steep line up to the summit going toe first into the snow and sometimes crawling. But WOW was it worth it. The top of Mt. Baden-Powell is too high for trees to grow so we had an unimpeded 360 degree view of southern California. We, at 9,400 ft., were looking down on the width of death valley that sits in some places below sea level. That’s a looong way down.

Now we are here in Altadena, preparing for the next stretch from Agua Dulce to Kennedy Meadows. It will be a hot stretch through the Mojave but it is also the last section of the desert before we climb into the High Sierras! This last section taught us something: the more we walk the bigger our appetites get, so we are going to have to start carrying a lot more food.

P.S. We have uploaded many pictures out our facebook account that you can see here –



  1. So great to hear from you. That’s a bigggg snake! Keep healthy and take care of each other!

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