Posted by: blinklove | June 10, 2010

Tis the Season to Start Giving!

Many of us have a pet, (or two or three or thirty-three), who enhance our lives each and everyday.

Would you not do everything within your power to ensure a long, safe, and happy life for all of your furry/feathery/scaly/prickly friends?

Of course you would… They are your friends! They are your family!

When contemplating the BlinkLove team though, you may wonder why they want to walk so far, (2,650 miles to be exact). In fact, the Blink Team, Heather and Stephen, have placed their lives on hold and left their jobs behind to hike for their causes. The only money that they will be making from this six month trek will go straight to the Blink’s Hike beneficiaries.

But, the answer is simple: BlinkLove believes firmly in living in positive ways that spreads to those whose lives they enter.  Their traversing of the country allows good people like you can beneft from the love that a pet can provide in your life. And, even more importantly, deserving animals will have a chance at the life that all creatures deserve to live with each dollar collected as a result of Blink’s Hike 2010.

Thus, it makes sense that you are in support of the BlinkLove team’s fundraiser, Blink’s Hike 2010, which is raising funds to support the efforts of three deserving animal  organizations: Human Society of Forsyth County, FurEver Friends, and Best Friends Animal Society.

Help make the Blink Team’s efforts worth while and donate to their cause, sponsored by the Winston-Salem Foundation in Winston-Salem, NC.

Follow the links to learn more about the beneficiaries of Blink’s Hike and to make a secure, tax-deductible, online donation.
Fundraising Goal: $26,500

Current Fund Status: $3,723.39

Fundraising Deficit to Date: $22,777

To the following people, the BlinkLove team would like to extend their sincere gratitude for their support of Blink’s Hike 2010. EVERY little bit helps.

  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Nancy Atkinson
  • Ms. Paula Atkinson
  • Ms. Anne Babcock
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Beach
  • Ms. Carey Benton-Jewett
  • Ms. Donna M. Burke
  • Richard M. Burr and Brooke Burr
  • Mr. and Mrs. David B. Butler
  • Chasman Family
  • Ms. Charlotte M. Hanes
  • Borden and Ann Hanes
  • Bowen Hanes & Company
  • Ms. Jane G. Hanes
  • Ms. Rosalie Hanes Horton
  • Schwartzlee Horwitz
  • Mr. Nick Jongebloed
  • Ms. Kayce King
  • Kate Averett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lassiter
  • Ms. Allison K Lindborg
  • Mammoth Ski Bum Society
  • Ms. Liz Morten
  • Ms. Tiffany O’Brien
  • Ms. Keri Prybylo
  • Ms. Alison C. Peeler
  • Ms. Anne Robinson
  • Ms. Edith Womble

Would you like to join the list of philanthropists listed above… all you have to do is donate. Your gift is tax-deductible, secure, and well worth the sacrifice. We salute all of you who have donated in the past and sincerely thank those of you who will contribute in the future. Of course, there are countless  individuals who have given of themselves that are not on the list above. To you we cannot say thank you enough and have not forgot what you have done to further our efforts.  BlinkLove is sincerely thankful for all of your continued support.

You can sponsor an entire mile of this magnanimous hike by donating just $10 to the cause.
Find the tax-deductible, secure, online-donation form located here.


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