Posted by: blinklove | June 17, 2010

Cowboy Charles!

Hello everyone!!

We have had quite a few questions about Cowboy Charles.  If you haven’t heard yet, he is the nicest dog that we have ever met.  He loves everyone and everything. He has ears that express each emotion. He is a small white terrier mix, and now that he is shaved you can see tan spots including one in the shape of a heart.  It is to be believed that Cowboy Charles was abandoned in the desert. Charles has the look in his face of  excitement and (I do not think i am practicing anthropomorphism here) sheer gratitude.

We have not been sure exactly what do with Mr. Charles. We heard Ojai had a really good humane society. Stephen has friends there so they picked us up and let us stay at their house.  We had a great time visiting with them- how often is it there are four guys with incredibly beautiful and harmonizing voices passing around a trumpet and guitar?  I was completely in awe of their talent and felt so privileged to have the time to spend with them. Yet unfortunately, the humane society in Ojai would not take Charles because we have not had him for 30 days.

We thought it would be good to fly him home, knowing we could eventually get him in to the Forsyth Humane Society whom we know and trust.  Also, the magnificent Sherri Nielson has offered to take him in a least until we return.  The reason we have been hesitant is because he is only 9.7lbs, and it would be a very long flight.  I called Best Friends Animal Society for advice.  They said they do 80% of their animal transportations by air, and not to worry.

We have continued to try to find a place for him here.  Once again cousin Peyton and Amy have come to the rescue, saying they could watch him short-term if needed.  It has been great having options and we SO THANK the people who have stepped up to help us out.  In one hour we are taking Charles back to the vet.  This time we hope to get a health certificate the appropriate paperwork for him to fly.  Stephen and I leave for Canada Saturday, and if we decide to send him, Charles will board a plane early tomorrow morning. Until then friends in this area are still eagerly looking for anyone who may be interested in keeping him! We will definitely know the final plan soon and promise to keep you updated =)

Much love,



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