Posted by: blinklove | June 17, 2010

Prince Charles Found His Forever Home

Well I would be lying if I denied that tears are hiding right under this tough complexion of mine.  My oh my, I have done this a hundred times, but he really got me.  I have been fostering since I understood what the word meant, always keeping in view the bigger picture.  Knowing how I was helping the animal overall, and not getting hung up on my own selfish emotions when letting go.  But anyone who meets Charles is reminded of true and unconditional love. He loves everyone and everything, and can’t help but show it every second.  I remember telling my family on the phone, he is like the joy of a laughing baby, yet that is his consistent aura. It just doesn’t fade.

So we took Charles to the vet, a much more professional atmosphere than we found in Lancaster. We had even more tests done and he passed to get his health certificate in order to fly.  The next step was buying the $250 ticket and sending him to NC in hopes of finding a good home there.  We were checking out when a vet tech started asking us more about him. She was amazed for all that we were doing for him despite not planning to keep him.  She is also a professional dog walker and said that one of her everyday clients just said she was looking for a small male dog.  She just knows that Charles will be perfect for her. She then assured us that even if her friend does not want him, she would love to keep him herself.  She has been looking for a dog for her son and she thinks he would be perfect.  Haven’t we been telling you he is?

She asked if we would give him to her.  We both felt really good about it (the unselfish parts of us=) ).  During our visit we learned that Charles’ baby teeth on the sides did not fall out when they were supposed to which is around six months of age. He still has many of them and they need to be pulled so his adult teeth can grow in. This vet also guesses that Charles may be closer to four years old, rather than two.  The fact that he does not have a microchip or collar, is not neutered, and did not have proper dental care convinces us even more that he was abandoned and not accidentally lost.  All the staff agree, especially because people very often abandon their animals in the desert.  We feel very comfortable signing over ownership to the vet-tech for many reasons, but one of them being because she is very adamant about have him neutered and all his dental work performed.

So, it is a happy story. We will go back to the vet tomorrow to bring Charles some food and find out which home he will go to forever (the vet-tech or her friend). We left her about 10 business cards in case she loses 9 of them, in hopes we can continue to get updates about our sweet cowboy prince. We are SO THANKFUL to everyone who helped out with this.  Anyone who offered a hand to Charles or even encouragement to us made this so much easier and we really really really appreciate it.  We love you guys.

We are both a little choked up, but know we have done the right thing.  We are setting out for artichoke hearts and a glass of wine, in celebration of Charles and in hopes of soothing our own hearts a little.

We fly to Canada on Saturday, just preparing and eating as much as we can before then.

More updates to come, heather~



  1. This is just a perfect example of what the Blink Love crew is all about “A Lifestyle Dedicated To Spreading Positivity, And Help The Animals”. Lucky Cowboy Charlie, and everyone he meets.
    If you get updates on the little guy, please pass them on.

  2. You guys are the best… Think how you changed his life… and so many lives. Proud of you. Hope the artichokes and wine were DELICIOUS. Here’s to bonny Prince Charles…

  3. Fantastic! You guys rock!
    However, a bit disturbing…what kind of people abandon an animal in the desert??? Or anywhere for that matter.

  4. oh Heather, I am so excited and so sad all at the same time. I am so very proud of you but know how hard this as been. I adore you and again am so proud of you. Much love, CBJ

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