Posted by: blinklove | June 21, 2010

Where is Charles?

Oh Cowboy Charles…

Blink’s Team is in Vancouver and tomorrow we will set out from the northern terminus of the PCT.

And just before we got on our on plane, we put Cowboy Charles on a plane set for his newest destination. As you all know, we felt we had gotten really lucky having found a home for our little friend just hours before he was set to fly to North Carolina where he would have to charm his way into a forever home. The technichian at his veterinarian visit had promised to adopt Charles with the knowledge that his only other option was to fly out the next morning at 8:00 a.m. So, it created quite the pickle for us when we got a call the next morning at around 10:00 a.m. from the vet tech saying “You need to come pick up Charles right away.”

We will never know for sure why Charles wasn’t welcome but the excuse we recieved was a stretch. Charles was found with a slight heart murmur. It’s the kind of heart murmur that the veterinarian originally described as “no big deal” and the Humane Society of Pasadena said would “most likely disappear as Charles grew out of it with age.” So it seemed strange to us that we picked him up again because “he has a serious heart condition that will require surgery and medication.” That opinion of a “serious heart condition” was again rejected by the same veterinarian when he spoke to us away from the vet tech and again said “no big deal.” A matter of cold feet we suppose.

It was a shame Charles couldn’t settle in to a happy home there but we were also happy to know he was safe with us. So that must beg the question ‘where is Charles now?’

With such short notice, and our first plan to fly him to NC foiled by cold feet, we had very few options. We could try to fly him to NC again. That would mean asking for huge favors from people who have done too much already- like driving through L.A. traffic to LAX and taking a dog through airport security- as well as asking Charles to take an 11 hour flight in the basement of a cargo plane. Everyone has been through too much for that.

The other option was to turn Cowboy Charles into a tried-and-true PCT hiker!


My instincts tell me Charles is destined for stardom as a professional hiker. He is full of good energy and optimism. As the newest member of Blink’s Team he will be a fantastic diplomat for all the lives out there who were rescued or still need rescuing. He will be the brightest  beacon of hope for less fortunate animals until they too find a safe and happy place to love and play. We are even beginning to think he may be the true identity of that mysterious little pup in the Blink’s Hike logo.

Welcome to Blink’s Team, Cowboy Charles Mojave Blink.

-Mr. Stephen Bode Jefferson Warren Dunn (the names are adding up)

Stay tuned for pictures and stories about this little fur-ball of joy as he hikes the PCT (southbound!)



  1. Boy oh boy, life never stops being interesting, does it? They say everything happens for a reason so I would guess that Cowboy Charles is exactly where he’s supposed to be :-). All the best to the 3 of you and thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. You guys are angels and from the looks of things so is Charles. Like attracts like. Sorry your packs are heavier now though!

  3. As it should be. All is well.

  4. Brava! I think you are right about where Charles is meant to be. The adventure takes a new and even more special turn. All the best to all of you – we are all pulling for you, and believe in the success that will come your way.

  5. Love your solution to the “problem” of prince Charles. He is a lucky boy to be with you all. If the going gets tough, wonder if you can carry him in a baby pack (something we are trying). Love to you all.

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