Posted by: blinklove | July 5, 2010

New Plan of Attack!

Hello everybody! We made it to Olallie Lake.  We were hoping to find a ranger station, but apparently it closed a couple years ago. We had read a few days before that people heading north from the California/Oregon border were forced to turn around within one-hundred miles because of the condition of the trail from the abundant snow.  We spoke to the new owner of the under-renovation cabins in Olallie, and she explained that the roads just miles from the lake were closed because they still sit under two feet of snow and no one can get up there. We knew we should gather more information before carrying on, so we hitched into the town of Detroit to rest up, dry out, and research the latest trail conditions.  Being that it was the 4th of July weekend, the small town of Detroit was extremely populated, filling up all the campsites and both of the motels. With nowhere to stay, we decided to hitch to Salem, Oregon.

Three people about our age picked us up from a street corner.  They were absolutely wonderful. We had a great time talking to them for the hour or so trip. Two of them work at a beautiful hotel called The Grand Hotel Phoenix, and they hooked us up with a luxurious room at a very low cost.  We thanked them a ton and I really hope they know what it meant to us!

The Grand Hotel has up to date computers (hooray!) and we have been able to look up quite a good bit of information.  More and more people are leaving the PCT this year, and many are trying to find their way through the snow.  One major problem, especially in Oregon and Washington, is Pacific Crest Trail Association volunteers who normally drive to different parts of the trail in spring to re-establish the trail from the previous winter have not been able to do their job.  They do not have a way to get the the trail to maintain it.  Another problem is some of the lodges that would be used as re-supply have not even been able to open.  What a year for the trail!

We were hoping to skip to the next dry section on the trail to get some decent miles completed and then tackle the parts we missed when a little more of the snow melts.  However, there seems to be no dry trail left. The reports are the same everywhere: a prolonged rainy season has delayed both the coming of summer and the melting of the late and heavy winter snow.  But wait! We have a temporary solution that we are really excited about. Anyone heard of the Oregon Coast Trail?  I hadn’t until two days ago, but I am loving everything I learn.

The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) runs the entire length of Oregon, about 400 miles.  It follows the coast and leads its hikers through sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and historic waterfront towns.  We got the idea from a couple who seem to be sharing our predicament.   Check this out : .

So we will hike through Oregon on the OCT instead of the PCT. We should finish in about a month. We will then check out the new conditons of the trail, and hopefully find a good place to jump back on! We are thrilled that at least for a month we are out of the snow, and in sight of the magnificent Pacific Ocean. We will be on the coast for my birthday! (July 15th, and all I could ever wish for are BlinkLove donations =) !

I accidentally left my camera battery and charger at Timberline Lodge, and it has not been reported to their lost and found so we will be short on pictures until I am able to get a new one- sorry.  I will try to upload pictures from my phone, though! We should have more service on this trail and be able to keep in touch more easily.

Well thank you sososososo much you guys for reading our posts, and especially for your comments! They mean the world to us.

Keep being awesome- we really miss you,

heather~ and bOdi

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  1. Heather, I live in Winston and took photographs of you, your sister and brother when you were younger. Your mother told me what you were doing, so I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of weeks. I am awed by your heart driven undertaking! You are both working so hard toward this cause and reading your updates is both glorious and ominous. Yet you pull it out at each bad turn and off you go again, blisters and all.
    I used to live in Portland and one of my very good friends is there and would be a great help to you if you need anything. His name is Steve Oppenheim and he is co-founder of Hippo Hardware and Trading Company, a nationally known “junk” store that has been popular since 1976. Their address is 1040 E. Burnside, Portland and their phone number is 503/231-1444. If you find that you need his help, call and they can get in touch with him and then he with you if he’s not there.
    It’s always great to find that you have a previously untapped resource!
    Best of luck to you on your journey.
    Brook Barnes Foltz

  2. I’m thinking about you and keep you in my prayers.
    Just keep on keeping on! And keep smiling!

    L.A. Mission

  3. Hey, just don’t lose any oxen or wagons when you cross the rivers (Like in the game Oregon Trail). Anyways, I’ve been keeping an eye on you guys, I’m sad that I didn’t get to see you two. But keep it up, let me know if there is anything I can do for you.


  4. Good for you guys! I’m so happy to hear of your change in plans. That should be an absolutely beautiful hike. Blessings!


  5. We are the older couple you met on your way to Olallie Lake. Glad you decided not to try Mt Jefferson. We ran into a man who tried to get from Santiam pass (hwy 20) and was turned back by snow. Unfortuantely he was going to try Mt. Hood after meeting his son at Timothy Lake. Based on your experience, he will never make it. I am glad you will be doing the OCT which I have heard is very pretty; not very secluded, but pretty. If you swing east after you are done with the OCT you could pick up the PCT and do Oregon going north. The snow should be gone by then.
    I will be making a donation to your cause. Have a good and safe hike.
    Dennis & Linda Phelan

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