Posted by: blinklove | July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Heather!

Happy Birthday Heather!

Yep, that’s right… Heather aged up today, July 15th, while out on the trail.

All of us reading at home can only imagine the fun that she is getting into today on this momentous 24th birthday, (and perhaps a few of us are even jealous that we aren’t there to help light the candles)! This blogger happens to have a bit of insider information and knows that Heather is celebrating with a piano and an open mic night… in a dress secretly bought for her special day by her dear friend Stephen. You will have to ask her for the rest of the details though 🙂

Surely she will catch us up on the mayhem soon, but until then, we all wish you, Heather, a most fantastic, super, awesome, bodacious, lively, safe, and wonderful birthday.

You deserve it.

In addition, there is wonderful birthday news…

…the Blink’s Hike fund raising total took a major jump today as there has been a $3,000 donation made in honor of Heather’s lovely day of birth.

What a delight to report. Thank you to all of our donors as each and every one of you have a direct impact not only on Heather and Stephen’s hearts, but on the lives of countless four-legged friends. More details on the fund raising total soon, but stayed tuned for now. Feel free to make a donation to Blink Love in Heather’s honor today and/or leave a well-wishing comment here on the blog.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER< May you have your best one yet and many more to come 🙂




  1. How was that open mike? I’m sure you at least looked good in your new dress from Stephen – what a great gift! I love the new photos of you on the road & on the beach – that pack looks enormous! Congrats on the growing fund total! xo

  2. Happy birthday, Heather! What a great place to celebrate 24- and hope the open mike went fantastic! Great news about the donation!

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