Posted by: blinklove | July 17, 2010

Good people, Good Birthday, and Good News for Charles!

A Beauty from the Newport Animal Shelter

Blink’s Team has made it to Yachats, Oregon. The beach has continued to be a wonderful place to hike, though significantly colder than one might think if one is a native east coaster. But the weather has been beautiful without exception and the Oregonian citizens are so very hospitable. They are so nice that sometimes we think we’re back home!

Just before heading to this library we were walking on the trail and asked a couple where the nearest store was.  They politely gave us directions and carried on walking.  We walked for another five minutes or so and the man from the couple greeted us- he had been waiting along the path.  He brought us into their home and gave us a delicious snack. We enjoyed talking with the couple and their friends and thank them for their kindness.

I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! My birthday was a lot of fun. Stephen and I looked up the local animal shelter in Newport and saw a few things on their wish list. We stopped by the store and walked a couple miles to the animal shelter. We really had no idea what kind of facility to expect, and we were quite happy with what we found! The shelter has just recently stopped putting adoptable animals to sleep and has adopted a wait-list program. The staff seemed very enthusiastic about their job and were happy for the donations.

We have GREAT NEWS!!! Remember sweet Cowboy Charles?  Well Best Friends has decided to give him his own story on their website.  It will be the lead story on Monday, so remember to check it out!

Our next stop is Florence. We love and miss you!

Hike on...



  1. So what about the Birthday? The piano, and the dress? Love you guys

  2. Great to hear from you both and that you continue to see beautiful sights and beautiful people and beautiful animals.

  3. It does my heart good to see you not slipping and sliding in snow. Belated Birthday wishes. Thank you both for raising money and awareness for animals.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Happy Heather. It is wonderful you both could be in such a beautiful area while doing something you both love. My wish is for you to have “Happy Feet” for the balance of your travels.
    Hugs to all….

  5. Hi Guys —

    Cashin and I have stayed several times in the lovely little town of Yahats at the Shamrock Lodge (I think it was Lodge). Such a beautiful place — glad you are having the opportunity to enjoy such a great place. And where is Cowboy Charlie? Thought he was in NC.

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