Posted by: blinklove | July 20, 2010

EXTRA, EXTRA! Best Friends, Blink, and Cowboy Charles!

Front page news on the is none other than the Blinkers and their favorite fluffy friend, yep, you guessed it: cowboy Charles!

Check out the Best Friends webpage, one of the three organizations that the BLink Team is hiking on behalf of, (which is also the organization that took in Michael Vick’s dogs after he was found to be abusing them!

Follow this direct link to the story!

Oh and donate to the cause too if you get a chance!



  1. I am a member of Best Friends and just read about Cowboy Charles and your amazing trek. You both are heroes to me and thank you for what you are doing. But most of all, thank you for what you did for Charles. He is a beauty and a lucky boy and you went above and beyond for him. He will always remember that. Stay safe and keep on spreading the word. Your new friend, Mary.

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