Posted by: blinklove | August 20, 2010

Chris and Chatham join Dreamer and Boddy

Wow, what a trip! 

Chris and I joined Heather and Stephen for a fabulous 3.5 days in the striking Sierras.  It went by way too quickly and I wish I was still there!  We were able to hike on the highest part of the PCT – it’s called Forester Pass (13,200 ft!) and is near Mt. Whitney.  The landscape was even more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Every time we went around a corner, the scene was even more incredible than the last.  There are pictures on the BlinkLove Facebook album (!/album.php?aid=20084&id=100000631539510&page=3 ) .  We walked from sunrise to sunset and even into the dark on the third night for a total of 53 miles.  I am not going to hide the fact that I struggled to get up some of those steep mountains – I got my workout for the month!  We had excellent weather – sunny skies with cool breezes and shooting stars at night.  My favorite part was the company – we had excellent conversations and, of course, there was singing too!  “Monday, Monday, so good to me!” Oh, I almost forgot, Chris and I have PCT trail names now – Chris is a speed demon, so he got the name “Sonic.”  I have a trail name “Sticky” that I received from the Hash House Harriers in Chiang Mai, Thailand a couple years ago – I had just eaten a yummy orange when someone introduced himself to me.  Instead of saying, “I’m Chatham,” I said, “I’m all sticky.”  So there it is – a lovely trail name – it sticks, haha. Heather and Stephen, I am so impressed with all of your hard work!  You are awesome!!!



  1. o.

  2. How special for you to all share this experience. It’s a three day block of time you will remember forever. I know your mother and father are SO SO proud, as are Stephen’s. Great kids following in their parents’ footsteps, so to speak! Keep on pushing!

  3. What a treat it must have been for you both to join Heather and Stephen on the trail. Hiking 53 miles is amaizing, and sounds like a wonderful experience. I too want to see some pictures.

  4. i really want to see pictures!!

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