Posted by: blinklove | September 10, 2010

Back to the Future II: Return to Canada

Leap Frog!

It’s a double flip-flop, or at least that’s what we’ll call it.We are in Canada for a second time to start hiking south, into Washington and through until we hit the Columbia River at the Oregon border. This time we will not have to deal with last winter’s snow collection and we’ll be able to race down the Cascades for the > or < 550 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail that weave through Washington state.

Last time we were here we had little Cowboy Charles with us and our return has conjured up fond memories. We miss miss miss him (and are so glad to have the privilege of seeing him when we get home)! We feel very blessed to have crossed paths with him on our journey.

Speaking of crossing paths, we thought we’d devote this blog to the mentioning of a few of the many wonderful people who we’ve met along the way. The generosity has been staggering. We want to talk about everyone! But we have the time to just mention a few of the outgoing and generous people we have met lately.

They are so sweet!

This considerate couple picked us up while we were having a hard time hitching to Kennedy Meadows.  They were incredibly sweet and we really enjoyed our conversations with them.  They drove us to the campground to pick up our resupply box and then turned around and drove us right back to the trail.  They even tried to buy us dinner and offered us some cash for our trip! We were blown away by their generosity and are so happy to have met them.

Other thru-hikers exist, and they are helping kids!

Then we run into these guys- a pair we started with on the very first day! They too have jumped all over the place and are racing to beat winter.  It was so great to finally run into some other potential thru-hikers who still have finishing this year as their goal. We most likely will cross paths with them soon as they hike north through Washington. Oh! And something else cool about this couple that we would like to share with you is Cari Tucker (trail name: Sandals) is raising money as she hikes for The Children’s Medical Center. To share her journey and help a child check out her site: http// !

Loren and his rescued pup!

We met Loren (hope this is the correct spelling!) in the woods while he was out for a couple days.  We also had the great pleasure of meeting his beautiful dog whom he recently adopted. Her mother was given medication to abort her pregnancy, but she survived anyways! She had a rough puppyhood and Loren is working with a trainer to help bring her completely out of her shell.  We have high hopes for her and are excited for the meaningful relationship they are bound to share.

We were picked given a ride into Tahoe by a great guy named Lukas.  He showed us around the city before dropping us off for lunch. We had a couple of days to hang out in Tahoe before our flight left for Vancouver, so the next morning Lukas took Stephen golfing! We greatly enjoyed our “domestic” days in South Lake Tahoe.  We had a beautiful room at the Days Inn and went to an open mic just down the street. We met a few really cool people, two of which joined us on stage while Stephen and I played a couple songs! We exchanged numbers and ended up at their house the next night grilling veggies.  One of our new friends has a beautiful nine year old daughter who had me making necklaces and doing makeovers within minutes upon arriving.  She is truly special and has high aspirations.  She wants to be a vet when she gets older and  help all the animals that are abused =)

After eating we passed around the guitar.  I played one of my songs and she picked it up immediately and began singing it after I finished.  She then picked up the guitar and started teaching herself to play. She’s good and I hope she keeps it up!

While hiking through the Sierras, I met a great man named Rick.  We started talking and I told him all about BlinkLove.  I couldn’t believe it, but when I got to town and checked my email he had sent out an email to his friends spreading the word of our hike! He knew we were going to Vancouver and even set us up to stay with one of his friends! And that is where we are writing to you from now, the funky-cool apartment of France Joly. She picked us up from the airport at midnight last night. She brought us into her home and gave us directions to the  outdoor stores we visited today. Tomorrow she is driving us to the bus station at six in the morning! Wow, do I love people.  Thank you sosososo much to absolutely everyone who has helped us along the way.  It really means more to us than I think you’ll ever know, and we appreciate it so greatly.

The bus will land us in Manning Park, and we will again be back in the wilderness. More soon!

-heather and stephen



  1. So me, my sister and my cuzin planned a day hike at the maple loop pass. That didn’t work out like I planned, instead we mistakenly took the rainy pass hike. After about 8 hours and it started getting dark we realized that we were in a deep mess.. After hiking a mile in the dark we found this tent with my cell phone light.. Cold, tired and hungry we woke these two up in the middle of the night.. they gave us food, clothes and helped make a small shelter.. truly a God send and after learning I had mild hypothermia we probably wouldn’t of made it without them… No words can express my immense thanks.. The kind at heart will always reach their goals.

  2. Ditto Donna, Nan & David! I know you’ve been helped & encouraged by so many people & I loved meeting some of them on your blog. I also know that you two made a happy impression on them and I have no doubt they enjoyed “doing” for you! Happy Cascade racing!! XO

  3. How lovely to recognize and celebrate the lovely people who have crossed your path as you journey for the animals. It so good to be reminded how many good people there are in the world. May there be many more!

  4. May the rest of your journey be even more amazing. >”<

  5. very cool. period


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