Posted by: blinklove | September 26, 2010

The Black Bear and Coastal Calling


Hello everyone! Oh we have been having such a wonderful time in Washington.  The trail has been breathtakingly beautiful.  It does rain, and man can the atmosphere seem bleak, but eventually the cloud curtains are pulled back to reveal views that stop us in our tracks, leaving us awe-stricken. We have been passing northbounders close to completing their hike, and it is truly exciting meeting them and exchanging stories.  We have all been through a lot and been privileged to enjoy so much.

A bear! Yes we finally saw our first bear in the woods, and it was thrilling! Unfortunately the zoom isn’t working properly on our camera, but you can still get a good look at this guy in the video.  Who could not be fascinated at the prospect of sharing presence with such an intriguing animal?

So though we have greatly enjoyed the PCT in Washington, today we will venture off from its trail. We are excited to tell you: we are heading west, back to the coast! We are doing so for a few reasons.  First, I find it beneficial to my health.  You may recall our post “Monsters Inside Me” we wrote over a month ago about our acquaintance, Giardia.  We went to the doctor and received antibiotics which we took three times a day for ten days, never missing a dose.  While Bodi has fully recovered, my symptoms haven’t lessened.  Along with everything else, I am extremely fatigued, and some hours through the day just using my arms is a chore.  I visited the ER in Leavenworth, the last town where we resupplied, and am waiting on a phone call which will deliver my test results.  I am sure I will be absolutely fine, but being deep in the woods with these symptoms, cold, and wet has been draining.  On the coast, we will be much closer to towns so when I do get my lab results back, I will much more easily be able to obtain the needed medication to make me better! Also, if my condition continues to worsen, I will be able to get help immediately as oppose to being without cell phone reception and three days away from the nearest road. =)

Another great reason for us heading to the coast is we LOVE the ocean! It will be rainy, of course, but it will be a little warmer and so much fun! The trails that we will follow to find our way south are not well-travelled whatsoever, and it will be quite a navigational adventure. We will be hiking through Indian Reservations with steep ascents and descents.  Apparently Indians have rigged ropes to help the few people who do attempt to climb over the headlands separating beach shores.  Oh, we are so excited!

Also, this route is much more direct, which will alow us to finish Washington at an accelerated rate and help us to finish our Mexico to Canada trek before Winter hits us full force. The temperatures we have been in lately have already fallen well below freezing, and we feel the clock ticking more than ever.  We would love to be home for Halloween, that’s our goal! Once we complete Washington, we will head back to the Southern Oregon border to complete our final section of our hike, Northern California. Hooray!



  1. It was wonderful meeting you guys! You are amazing people and you are doing such a wonderful adventure for a great cause. We wish you luck along your travels! Sorry, we missed saying our goodbyes…Have a great trip and safe journey! Hopefully, there will be no pink robots to battle along the way 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear you are still having issues for the the giardia, but glad you are going to hike where towns are closer. Love the video of the bear, but I am with sandi on the caterpillar…too cool.
    Halloween? Home by Halloween? That would be totally awesome!!! You 2 be safe out there…..

  3. Thank you for the wonderful videos as well as the photos. The black bear was amazing but I really like the fuzzy caterpillar :-). Heather, I’m sorry you’re not feeling 100% and I hope you’re better soon. Sounds like a good idea to be closer to towns. Sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery & a continued safe journey…

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