Posted by: blinklove | October 3, 2010

Our Last Section!

That’s right! We are starting the final section of our hike, Northern California.  Washington’s coast was incredible and we had so much fun.  One morning after walking down the beach for several miles, we came across a river.  On the Oregon Coast Trail, we had notes for the entire state that we printed off the internet, so we knew when we were approaching a bay or river, and knew exactly what to do.  But the Washington coast is not well-traveled and does not have any sort of guide-book (along with the Northern CA coast). So when we hit the river we had to find our own way, awesome! A few people had driven down the beach to fish in this area.  We walked by a car that a woman was sitting in and she started talking and told us how she thought we could get around the water, and we proceeded to tell her about our trip.  Then an elderly man called us over.  He said that if we could scramble over the numerous fallen trees, we could walk around the river for a few miles until we hit a road that would lead us to a bridge.  While we were talking to him, the woman from the car came over to us carrying something.  She then presented us with a beautiful blanked she had made herself.  She said that she had an overwhelming feeling to give us the blanket, even though it was one of her favorites.  I love people! We all  continued to talk about life for another hour or so, and then Bodi and I continued on our way.

We walked a couple of miles, but the walking was getting pretty nasty.  Our feet were sinking into mud that smelled like it wasn’t just mud. We were sliding all over the place and at one point the gook took my shoe completely off.  So we decided we would climb up to higher ground.  That climb was one of my favorite parts of this entire trip.  It was sooo hard, which made it thrilling! Obviously no one had been up this route before, and it was bushwhacking to the extreme.  Since we aren’t happening to carry machetes, Bodi took to throwing his pack in front of us at some points to just break the thicket of branches that swelled above our heads.  At other points we literally just fell forward to make a way through.  This is the good life.

We finished Washington the day before yesterday, and are now in Crescent City, California.  We will hike south until we are due west of South Lake Tahoe (where we got off the PCT and headed to Canada).  We are staying on the coast for a few reasons.  Number 1: We are completely smitten with making our own trail, and the challenges of not knowing exactly what is coming up and having to figure out a way to deal with it ourselves.  Not knowing what to expect, and not having a trail laid out for us gives us a type of freedom that is rare in life and we want to experience to the fullest. Number 2: My lab test results came back and I am negative for Giardiasis! However, I have a large yeast overgrowth (Candida)  in my intestines along with a bad case of IBS. The IBS is from the Giardiasis, and the yeast overgrowth is from the antibiotics that I took to get better.  To heal from Candida one can take medication (I have had enough, thank you) or go on a very strict diet.  Being that I am already vegan, this leaves me with the option to eat vegetables, vegetables, and vegetables.  Not even fruit is allowed because the sugar feeds the yeast! So being on the coast we can plan on getting fresh food almost once a day.  Number 3: Because we love it!

We will have service for this area so we are going to keep you guys as updated as possible.  I have connected my phone to our YouTube pages so as soon as we take a video it will be posted here: You can hit the Subscribe button and be notified by email when we post a new video. We also will be keeping in touch with Twitter: Thank you so much for keeping up with us, we love and miss you!

P.S. – Soon to be in The Redwoods!!



  1. I’ve so enjoyed following your journey. I’m worried about your Candida struggles however, and am entirely empathetic to the extreme discomfort such a thing causes. I also relate to your reluctance to go the route of pharmaceuticals (which caused the problem to begin with). Have you looked into using an acidophilus supplement at a high level to help your bacterial balance back? VegLife puts out a vegan acidophilus. And if it becomes necessary and you’re desperate, topical monistat works well without ingesting anything (I’m deathly allergic to the oral, but can dope with the topical just fine). Good luck with it all – how amazing that you can enjoy your adventure even while your body is battling within.

  2. Awesome! Can’t wait to see you guys and the blanket! 🙂

  3. You two are amazing. Be safe out there, and eat lots of veggies Heather. I learn so much from your blog from the comforts of my home. Can’t wait until you get home.

  4. I am trying to learn from the two of you to be less anxious about knowing where I am going and how I am going to get there and more excited by the process.

  5. I got your letter, let me know when and where 🙂

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