Posted by: blinklove | October 11, 2010

Blink Gets Closer

Hello everyone! We have been having a good time working our way down the coast of Northern California. I am writing you a quick note from Fortuna. We are eating some oatmeal and heading out of here within the hour.  The rocky cliffs leading to the ocean leave little room to walk on the beach, so we have been getting used to Highway 101 walking.  It is interesting, sometimes people yell obscenities at us, and other times they smile and wave. Never know what we’re going to get!  We are especially excited today because soon we will enter the Avenue of the Giants! This will be a nice change. We can not wait to be surrounded by the awe-inspiring Redwoods.  What a time for our camera to break! I will take pictures with my phone though so you can see too =)



"Avenue of the Giants"


We have to keep moving, but we will write again soon!

We have a goal to be home for Halloween, let’s see if we can make it!



  1. It seems like just yesterday you were helping us in the Program Clothing Room at the Los Angeles Mission. Now you’re working your way down from Northern California. I don’t suspect you’ll be in the Los Angeles area by this Friday. I graduate after a year in the discipleship program of the Urban Training Institute at the Los Angeles Mission.

    I wish you the best…God bless you and keep you.


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