Posted by: blinklove | October 18, 2010

3:57 EST on Oct 18th = 5 miles To Go

3:57 EST on Oct 18th = 5 miles To Go

Just 5 more miles! Can you believe it! What an awesome adventure it has been!
Celebrate by taking a walk down memory lane and catch up now on all of the blog posts that you have missed in the past few months… and let the party planning begin!



  1. Can’t wait to see you, Blinkers!!!!
    My check’s awaiting… since i pledged per mile.So proud of you, and looking forward to seeing you.

  2. You certainly deserve a party for your efforts. Congratulations on your incredible gift to the animals and all of us who love them. What an impressive effort. YAHOO!

  3. Amazing!!! Many congrats for a job well done. May all who hear your stories share your love and insipration. I have been touched by your every update. Take good care on the trip back to the beautiful Tar Heel State. I hope to meet you both someday.

    Much love from a fellow wanderer (in an RV),

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