Posted by: blinklove | October 26, 2010

Blink’s Back!

Home sweet home in Winston-Salem, NC! The Blink Love team arrived in their BlinkMobile today, Oct. 26th, after over 7 months away from home. Heather and Stephen’s friends and family were not only delighted to see them once again, safe, sound, and not having to sleep in the rain that greeted them on their way home from their favorite restaurant… but also greeted with good news.

The truth is, our readers are awesome.
Not only are our readers awesome, but they are also our supporters and donors.

In less that 14 days, Blink Donors have showed up to walk the walk and talk the talk, adding 39 new donor parties and $3029.71 more to the total.

This brings the current fundraising total to:


A special thanks to all of those below who helped the total climb to this level. You all just helped a living creature live a more rewarding life.

Ms. Roslyn Abramovitch ,Dr. Eben Alexander III, Mr. Hunter Bahnson, Ms. Frankie D. Bell, Mr. Kenneth Christian, Mr. Roane and Ann Cross, Ms. Nancy Dennis, Mr. Brian Doherty, Jed and Gwyn Dunn, Mike and Debbie Eichenhorn, Mrs. Lyons Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Guill, Ms. Harriett D. Harris, Mrs. Thomas K. Hearn, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hsu, Mr. Dave and Robbie Irvin, Ms. Carol Kierstead, Ms. Chatham Kierstead, Mrs. Acra Kluttz, Ms. Louise Lucas, Mr. John Magee, Ms. Sylvia McClintick, Ms. Liz McDowell, Ms. Shippey K. McDowell, Ms. Marianne Mebane, Mr. Keith Murphy, Ms. Leigh T. Myers, Ms. Bonnie J. Phillips, Mr. Scott and Pat Pollard, Ms. Margaret Scales, Ms. Joan W. Stone, Ms. Jen Strong, Mr. Myles and Lee Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Trawick, Ms. Cindy Whaling, Ms. Anna White, Mrs. Catherine R. Williams, and Ms. Patricia S. Wilson

Please see all of our amazing donors to the right.

However, we are still over $13,000 shy of our fundraising goal, so please help us report more good news and share the wealth.

Visit our secure giving link, sponsored by the Winston-Salem Foundation, to make a donation now if you have not done so yet!



  1. I’m glad to read you are now home safe and content. California will miss you, especially we here at the Los Angeles Mission. I graduated October 15th, from the Urban Training Institute, Discipleship Program. I too have finished the first part of my climb…looking to the future with faith and hope. God bless you and all you do…RICARDO

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