Posted by: blinklove | October 29, 2010

Be Help for the Helpless

Hello everyone. Oh how wonderful it is to be back in Winston-Salem.

In order to thank you for all of your support and motivation, we are planning a party we hope you will enjoy.

More to come!

Yesterday, Stephen, my mom, our friend Benji, and I visited the Forsyth County Animal Shelter on Sturmer Park Circle.  They have a beautiful variety of dogs and cats right now, so if you are interested in adopting a new companion, go check them out! But if you are not able to adopt at this time, yet do want to make a difference, I have an idea for you: Become a volunteer for Fur-Ever Friends and help us keep the shelter open on Sundays.

The shelter used to be closed each Sunday, eliminating adoptions and leaving the animals to sit in dirty cages throughout the day.  However, Fur-Ever Friends volunteers have re-opened the shelter each Sunday allowing the animals to be available for adoption along with giving them all TLC they deserve. But we need your help! Lately our numbers have been dwindling and we have not been able to benefit the animals as much as they need.  We want to keep this program going so we can keep improving the rate of adoptions and the happiness of the animals, but we need more volunteers.


Raja is ten months old, and ready to go home!

What would you do as a volunteer?

Whatever you want! Each dog needs a good long walk and a lot of love.  If they do not get out enough, they have no way of releasing all of their pent-up energy.  Then, when a family visits with a dog in the room, the dog is overly excited and can scare off a potential adopter because of all this excess energy.  Your help exercising these dogs gives them a chance for their true personality to shine through in a meeting with a possible furever home.


Jersey is a beautiful girl with bright blue eyes.

The pens are indoor only, so sometimes these guys can’t help but make a mess in their cages.  Keeping clean cages is important for the animal’s health and general well-being.  A cute dog with a clean cage is also more appealing to a potential adopter, and that’s what we need.  Help us keep these cages clean!

If you have been to the shelter, you have certainly noticed the puppies in their small cages.  These pups aren’t allowed to be put on the floor, and rarely receive the attention they need. They are just dying to be held, and you are the perfect person to hold them! The more contact they have in these early months of their lives can have a big impact on the positive dog they become.


Johnny is a gorgeous Lab mix just over two months.

Dishes, dishes, and laundry…not the most fun activity, but it’s important for the cats and dogs (and bunnies!).  And I have met a few of the rare dishwasher-lovers, so I know you guys exist! We certainly won’t make any volunteer do these deeds, but if you want to, more power to you =) 


Who can resist Hot Fudge?

If you want to help, but do not want to be outside or do the dirty work, help us behind the counter with potential adopters that come to the door.  There is a place here for everyone, and anything that you do to help will be of great benefit to all the animals in the shelter.  It’s good for them, and it is most certainly good for you too!

Click here to fill out the application:

After you sign up and take the orientation, you will receive an email each week asking if you want to volunteer the upcoming Sunday.  If you aren’t able to make it that week,  no need to respond, but if you are, let us know so we can have an idea of what we are working with.  Thank you guys so much for taking the time to consider this, I look forward to volunteering with some of you!!


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