Posted by: blinklove | January 8, 2011

Drumroll please…


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event and congratulations Dr. Dennis Emerson!  What will be next for BlinkLove? Only time can tell…If you have an endeavor you think Blink should take on, tell us about it =)  For now we will be in Winston-Salem, working and saving money, dreaming about future adventures. Until next time~

Stephen and Heather~

P.S. – We will soon be closing out the BlinkLove account at the Winston-Salem Foundation. They will add up, divide, and send out the donations to the Forsyth Humane Society, Franklin and Peabody Morykwas Fur-Ever Friends, and Best Friends Animal Society.  For more information on how the donations will be put to use, please click here and scroll toward the bottom of the page. If you have yet to donate, and wish to do so, now is your last chance! Please click here to make a donation. And! If you do not have money to donate, but do have time, please consider contacting us about volunteering with the homeless animals in Winston-Salem.  They can never get enough of your TLC.  The world is made marvelous by the animals that share it with us =)



  1. It is kind of sad to see you close this wonderful adventure, but I know it will not be long before a new one starts. Thank you Blink for all that you do for the animals. We need more people like you!

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