Posted by: blinklove | February 1, 2011

Daniel’s Dream

We already knew it, but kids are AWESOME. We have yet to close out Blink’s Hike Account because a few donations keep rolling in.  Thank you so much for giving all that you have! A recent donation was made that I can’t help but share with you.  Daniel Buckle was asked at school to complete a Martin Luther King Assignment.   Please check out his work:

“I have a dream all pets have a loveing family.”

After seeing this, Daniel’s parents made a donation to BlinkLove,

which will help homeless animals across the country find lifelong homes.

So much hope for the next generation. Life is good.


stephen and heather~




  1. what more can I say?
    having just sent sent
    Otis to cat-heaven to
    spend eternity withOUT
    pain, the nerve is still raw.

  2. Good kid

  3. OMG what a terrific kid!!!

  4. Heather and Stephen,
    You have touched so many souls, young and old. Your good work and wishes will never end and for that the animals are eternally grateful. And so are many humans.
    Loving thoughts,

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